Balcony railings with solar panels is smart choice to generate electricity from balconies. 

Why to choose balcony railings with integrated solar panels?
  • Use efficiently building surface
  • Generate electricity from solar and save on network fees
  • Ordinary balcony railings never earn you back!
  • The sun is a renewable energy
  • Reduces building energy cost and raises its energy efficiency class
  • Reduces ecological footprint

  • Glass-glass solar panel module consist of two 4 mm thick tempered glasses, between which are laminated solar cells. 
  • Solar cells layout and color are possible to choose.
  • It is possible to use double-sided solar solar cells to increase the productivity of solar panels.
  • Balcony columns and handrails are made of aluminium and powder painted according customer order.
  • Product environmental class is C4.
  • The estimated useful life is 25 years.

See detailed product information from the datasheet.


One balcony railing running meter peak power depends on the balcony height and is typically between 180 to 240 W.  1 msolar panel power is 180 W, which produces 137 kWh* electricity per year. Provided that the balcony is located in Tallinn facing south and
the tilt angle of the module is 90 degrees.

  *Calculations are estimated and based on PVGIS solar calculation model data.

  • Innore Solar balcony railings with solar panels completed and passed Electrical Shock Hazard Tests by Kiwa Inspecta Estonia OÜ according to standard EVS-EN IEC 61730-2:2018.
  • Balcony railing complies with the railing requirements.
  • The manufacturer declares in a declaration of conformity, that the product complies with the directives of the European Union.