Innore OÜ is focused on providing modern solutions for balconies and stairs. Flexibility, reliability, commitment to deadlines and above all, quality are the values we stand for and we want to offer our customers.

The qualification and competence of our engineers enables us to
design products in compliance with Estonian, Finnish, Swedish and
Norwegian legislation.

Innore OÜ has a 100% subsidiary, Innore AS, located in Norway. Innore AS has Sentral Godkjent certificate for designing and assembling products in Norway.
Our assembly team is capable of carrying out assembly works both in Estonia and Scandinavia.

Innore railings are protected by International
Design Reg no DM / 097771.


Innore OÜ is licensed by the Register of Economic Activities:

Product design: EEP003947
Construction: EEH009478

Innore AS (Norway) has the following Sentral Godkjenning certificates:

Product design: Prosjektering av Konstruksjonssikkerhet i tiltaksklasse 1 Assembly: Utførelse av Montering av bærende metall- eller betongkonstruksjoner i tiltaksklasse